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Ocean Breeze Villas 327.000 Villa Águilas

Luxury and Privacy: Exploring New Development "Villa in Águilas"

Águilas is a small cozy city in the south of Spain, located on the Mediterranean coast. With its clean beaches, bright sunshine and unique atmosphere, Águilas attracts thousands of tourists every year. Thus, it is not surprising that the tourism industry is thriving here. But besides this, the city also attracts the attention of those who dream of permanent residence in this paradise. Now we invite you to get acquainted with the unique new building "Villa in Águilas", which provides a unique opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of this beautiful place.

Location "Villa in Águilas"

New development "Villa in Águilas" is a small luxury complex of several luxury villas, located on a hill a short distance from the city center. Each of the villas is located in such a way as to provide stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the endless sky. The location provides privacy and tranquility, making the "Villa in Águilas" a great option for relaxation and living.

Architecture and design

Each villa has been designed and built with a commitment to quality and sophistication. Traditional Spanish style is combined with modern elements to create elegant and comfortable interiors. Spacious living rooms, stylish bedrooms and modern bathrooms will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes.

The design of each villa takes into account the best environmental practices, ensuring sustainable construction and energy efficiency. The use of natural light and ventilation helps to reduce the burden on the environment and ensures comfortable living for future residents.

Features and Amenities

"Villa in Águilas" offers a range of features and amenities to make the life of its inhabitants unforgettable. Each villa has its own private pool surrounded by spacious terraces where you can enjoy gorgeous sunsets and sunny days. The complex is also equipped with a fitness center and a recreation area where residents can spend their free time and keep fit.

Heaven for Nature Lovers

Those looking for a villa in Águilas will appreciate the proximity to nature reserves and parks. The mountains surrounding the city offer wonderful opportunities for hiking and cycling. Thanks to the rich marine life surrounding Águilas, diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will also find their paradise here.

True Pleasure of Life

New building "Villa in Águilas" is not just real estate, it's a lifestyle. Here, residents can enjoy beautiful weather, Mediterranean evenings, a rich cultural scene and amazing gastronomy. The gastronomic experience at Águilas is simply unparalleled, and residents will be able to immerse themselves in the exquisite world of local dishes and wines.


New development "Villa in Águilas" is a unique opportunity to own a luxury property in one of the most beautiful places on the coast of Spain. Its location, architecture and proximity to nature make it an ideal choice for those who dream of a luxurious life in seclusion by the sea.\

Buy a new villa in Águilas

So, if you are looking for tranquility and luxury in the natural beauty of the Spanish coast, "Villa in Águilas" is the perfect place for you. Welcome to this piece of paradise, which you will forever remember as an ideal place to live and relax.

Structure made of reinforced concrete with B-500 SD corrugated steel, earthquake resistant.

Banisters of steel profiles finished in white or anthracite grey.

Exterior enclosure wall made up of a double panel of ceramic brickwork and/or plasterboard, air cell and acoustic and thermal insulation Wurth Termoplus.

Interior divisions with brick walls and/or plasterboard in different areas by decision of the technical team.

Facade cladding using large format porcelain tiles in wood finishing in specific areas and white monolayer mortar. 

Main armored security door of the house finished in anthracite gray on the outside and white on the inside.

Exterior carpentry

in anodized aluminum lacquered in anthracite grey color textured (RAL 7016), thermally broken profiles, and motorized blinds in bedrooms and living room. Guardian sun glass in the living room.

Flooring with large format porcelain pavement (60x60) and antislip in exterior areas, colour to be chosen by the client from different options.

Ceilings in hall and specific areas using suspended plasterboard painted in white colour and checkable suspended ceilings in bathrooms.

Pre-installation of air conditioning system with ducts, cooper piping and electrical wiring to install the heat pumps on the roof.

Inside doors and wardrobes in DM lacquered in matt white. Interior of wardrobes finished with shelves, clothes rail and drawers.

Decorative shelves in wood finishing in specific area.

Electrical wiring with TV and Internet RJ45 sockets in all the rooms and the living room, light points at the terrace and plot.

Kitchen unit in white stratify board color oak bardolino and anthracite grey (other colors and finishing options), and worktop made of 2cm Silestone® or Compac®, and large 12mm porcelain worktop on premium villas, colors to be chosen among different options.

Sin and the decorative extractor hood included.

Domestic hot water system aerotherm with a 110-liter accumulator.

Hand washbasin furniture of 80cm in bathrooms with two drawers and washbasin in vitrified white porcelain, and countertop and washbasin on top in premium villas. Shower floor made with anti-slip porcelain pavement and steel drain grate and shower enclosure with fixed glass. In-wall flush toilet tank system.

Swimming pool.

Different dimensions (depending plot and villa type). Heat-pump pre-installation.

Perimeter of the plot using concrete block walls finished off by white monolayer and metal fence lacquered in anthracite grey colour. And vehicle entrance using motorized swing gate including remote control.

Car park area in each villa.

Video intercom system installed in each villa.

Basement finish with uncoated concrete in pavement, walls and stairs. Electrical and plumbing pre-installation. Other finishing options available. (Villa 1 to 7).

Each villa has its Energy Efficiency Certificate obtaining a letter B.